Why Automate and Integrate GRC?

Imagine that you are about to take a drive to a place you have dreamed of going your entire life and you have the following two options:

Option 1 Your suitcases are packed in the car, and all you have to do is put your key in, turn the car on, keep an eye on the dashboard every now and then, and drive. Your focus is on the road ahead that leads to your final destination.

Option 2 Instead of just turning a key and watching the dashboard, you are in charge of making sure each car part is working properly at all times. You constantly need to check the engine, the fuel level, the lights, the transmission system, the exhaust system, the safety system, the braking system, the steering system, and every other system that makes a car function properly.

Which option you will choose for your drive? Obviously, option 1 as it will lead you to your destination in the most quickest and safest way.

When it comes to Governance, Risk and Compliance, there are multiple tasks and systems to manage that lend themselves to human error if not handled with immaculate care and immeasurable attention every, single day. For a business to achieve success, it needs to have everything from regulatory change management, risk management, audit management, vendor management, compliance automation, performance management, document management, a reliable training system, all the way to connection with compliance experts. This vast amount of system requirements makes it extremely difficult to focus on that final destination of company goals.

An automated, integrated process, similar to the way a car’s systems all work together, is practically a necessity in order to truly thrive and focus on the objectives that the company was originally created to complete. Rather than giving in to the possibility of populating an excel spreadsheet incorrectly or skipping a procedural step due to a lack of attention, it is time to incorporate the all-inclusive system that makes work a joy ride.

PREDICT360, Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management Software Solution, revolutionizes the simplicity of GRC management. It is a cloud-based system with multiple modules, such as:

  • Regulatory Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Document Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Learning Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Performance Management
  • Safety Management
  • Quality Management
  • Anonymous Hotline Reporting
  • Expert Connect
  • Environment & Sustainability

It is vertically integrated into one, simple platform that includes a fully customizable dashboard to display the exact information you prefer to see.

About 360factors Inc.

360factors, Inc. (Austin, TX) helps companies improve business performance by reducing risk and ensuring compliance. Predict360, its flagship software product, vertically integrates regulations and requirements, policies and procedures management, risks and controls, audit management and inspections, and on-line training and qualifications, in a single cloud-based platform based on artificial intelligence.

360factors EHS Services offers environmental consulting services in the areas of air, water, and waste permitting and compliance, site investigation and remediation, environmental and dredge material sampling and evaluation, engineering and geology, expert testimony, health and safety, and operational risk management. Its Managed Services incorporate outsourced risk and compliance services using Predict360.


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