5 Reasons to Implement a Vendor Management System

Understanding the risks that exist when using a vendor’s product or service is crucial for proper operation of an organization. The risks become even graver when a vendor starts handling your core business functions that include access to customer data. In these scenarios, it becomes the job of the concerned organization to ensure that the vendors follow expected quality standards without causing any risks to the company.

5 Reasons to Implement a Vendor Management System

Regulatory Compliances and Vendor Risks

Regulatory bodies create and enforce compliances for the systematic operation of an organization. When rules are not followed by enterprises, regulatory bodies punish them with fines. The risk of a fine and the fact that a vendor’s infraction may tarnish your company’s name is just too much to bear. Rudimentary methods like filling up checklists are just not sufficient anymore and there is an urgent need for a better solution. Hence, a Vendor Management System has become extremely important for organizations.

How Risks Can Creep into a System Without a Vendor Management System?

When dealing with vendors, first impressions can sometimes be deceiving. Initially, they may look like good prospects, but after prolonged dealings you may find them to be lacking in some aspects. The moment you hire a vendor, from that moment onwards your organization is susceptible to risks. Any kind of failing on the part of a vendor can directly impact the operations and prestige of your organization. Vendors may offer good services in the beginning, but after regular dealings they may become complacent and start taking your business for granted. Without a Vendor Management System, it is highly likely that a vendor may break rules and create problems for your organization. Making use of an AI powered Vendor Management Software can be the perfect solution for this problem.

The Reasons Why You Should Use Vendor Management Software for Eliminating Risks

AI Powered software for managing vendors like Predict360’s Vendor Management System can go a long way in eliminating risks from a system. Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyzes trends and predicts patterns. This allows an organization to be proactive in their approach while selecting vendors. By analyzing vendor data, it helps you in making the right choice, every single time. The many reasons why you should select a Vendor Management System are listed below:

  1. Allows you to Distribute Access Rights and Centralizes Vendor Information: The AI powered Vendor Management System allows you to assign access rights and roles to different users in the system depending on their respective responsibility. This software can be used for accessing all the information on suppliers, procurements, contracts, and reviews at one place. It can also be used for tracking and monitoring your contracts and other important vendor documents.
  2. Allows you to Compare Client Relationship with Risk Index: This software can manage risks and also analyze the effects of vendor relationships on your organization’s risk index.
  3. Helps in Streamlining the Process of Vendor Risk Assessment: Making use of AI, this automated software executes corrective and preventative actions directly from the results. This helps in better assessment risks in all regulatory compliance functional areas such as finance, operations, and quality management.
  4. Reduces Risks Effectively by Making the Process Simple: By looking at vendors as a total portfolio, the Vendor Management Software provides an effective way to manage vendor resources. You are able to view and analyze vendor resources as a single segment which takes away the complexity of monitoring a large number of individual vendors.
  5. Makes Use of Artificial Intelligence and Cuts Down on the Number of Resources Required: Using obsolete methods for managing vendors like spreadsheets and checklist are not very effective in managing risks within an organization. These methods require you to have sufficient manpower to complete the tasks. As this tool is powered by AI, it performs all the functions without any requirement of additional human resources. This helps in cutting down the number of resources required for managing risks effectively.

The AI powered Automated Predict360’s Vendor Management System is the ideal tool for managing vendors in today’s world. For more information on Vendor Management Software and how it can be further enhanced as part of an integrated risk and compliance management suite, visit http://www.360factors.com/.

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